Music/Vocal Psychotherapy


As practiced by Dr. Diane Austin, DA, ACMT, LCAT and the graduates of her training program, Music/Vocal Psychotherapy integrates the theories and concepts of analytic and interpersonal psychology with the practice of music therapy. Vocal Psychothery -a new model of Music Psychotherapy- is the outcome of Austin's clinical practice and research which led her to the conclusion that the voice is a, if not the, primary instrument and that singing is one of the most effective ways to connect to one's deepest self and to others. Her method combines instrumental and vocal improvisation where the use of breath, natural sounds, toning, singing, songwriting, the music in the speaking voice, listening to pre-recorded music, and talk therapy promote growth and change. Dr. Austin has developed and codified techniques for accessing conscious and unconscious feelings, memories and associations. Today, her Vocal Holding Technique© and Free Associative Singing© are practiced and taught by her and other therapists around the world.



For adolescents and adults seeking an alternative to psychotherapy or psychoanalysis, Music/Vocal psychotherapy can be the treatment of choice. People coming from the world of arts, expressive arts therapists, musicians, but also people suffering from depression, anxiety and trauma related symptoms could benefit from music/vocal psychotherapy.



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