Published Work

The first article of the interdisciplinary team "KATI" at the journal Approaches!

My interview about Music Therapy and pregnancy!

Talking about Music Therapy and postnatal challenges.

Here, you can access my article "Psychotherapy through Music", that was recently published in the Greek online newspaper Proto Thema (2012).

Read an excerpt from my article "Music therapy in Greece" that was published in the online journal The Drumbeat: A Quarterly Newsletter for the Music Therapy Association of British Columbia (2011):

It is really so sad that people have to go abroad in order to study Music Therapy, because not everyone is as fortunate as i was to make it, and Music Therapy may stay an unaccomplished dream for some. It is also a big dilemma when having to choose between the USA and Greece when it comes to employment since there are much more opportunities in the USA, whereas it all depends on our personal work/who we know/how we present ourselves in Greece. Deciding to return to Greece after having worked at the top institutions in the USA is surely a shock, and it is crucial that a person, 1. continues his/her studies 2. keeps having a connection with his/her School/Institution and 3. attends/joins conferences, keeps updated about Music Therapy.

You can also read the abstract of my Thesis with the title Music therapy with cancer patients: Creating meaning at the end of life (2010):

How can a terminal cancer patient find meaning at the end of life and how can music therapy help to address       his/her needs, desires, thoughts and feelings? These are some of the questions addressed in this thesis. A cancer patient facing death is forced to confront not only a medical condition but really a multidimensional condition which includes all aspects of what it means to be human. This thesis will present a variety of different ideas and theories about death describe the process of accepting death and discuss the way music therapy can help a patient progress through the stages towards that acceptance. The ways music therapy can create new paths of exploration for the patient, family and therapists will be a further focus. In addition, i will discuss one case drawn from my work at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center that will demonstrate the approaches discussed.

if u also wish to read an excerpt from my thesis go here.


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